About Jon Elworthy – Portrait & Landscape Artist


For as long as I can remember I have drawn and painted……


I was brought up in and around Dartmoor, the only son to two very busy parents. This meant I spent many hours exploring the wilds of Dartmoor, on my own, with sketchbook in hand. I loved every moment of it! My father was a local Bank Manager, and, through him, I had permission to wonder at will over thousands of acres of farm and moorland. Wildlife is my passion, and I painted all the local flora and fauna constantly. As I painted settings for the subjects, I learned to love the landscapes too.

My dedication to painting continued throughout my formal education, but slowly my focus changed from the fine art side to design, with interior architectural and furniture design being my main stock-in-trade. However, throughout my career the sketch pad and paints were never far away, and now this forms the main part of my artistic output. Many of my business clients through Jon Elworthy Design have become collectors of my work. Some of the portrait commissions done for them are shown on the website.

As you can see from the website, I still produce many architectural paintings and drawings, but I suppose my main passion is now portraiture. To capture the subject’s looks and character never ceases to give me enormous satisfaction.

I hope you enjoy the art on my website, and that they interest you enough to call to discuss a commission. I look forward to our chat!

Jon Elworthy portrait artist

Portrait Specialist 

As you view my portraits in their respective Galleries you will see a variety of styles on show. When I receive an image from a client, I usually get a feel for the style that would suit it. The character of the subject dictates the style. Some images suggest a looser, more impressionistic feel, while others call for a more detailed “graphic” look. I often go through the gallery to explain the different styles I can produce, whilst listening to the commissioner's preferences and the style of painting they might prefer.

When I paint or draw a portrait, I aim to capture the spirit of the individual as well as their features.

In addition, I am sometimes asked to add a view or background feature that the subject is associated with. This is often asked for if the commission is work or place related. I am happy to do so but this may affect the final cost of the commission.

Watercolour portraits by Jon Elworthy

Watercolour Portraits

Collection of oil portraits

Oil Portraits

Pencil portraits by Jon Elworthy

Pencil Portraits

Watercolour of and Eastbourne shopfront

Landscape and Architectural

Pet portraits by Jon Elworthy

Pet Portraits