Watercolour Portraits

My commissioned watercolour portraits capture family, friends and unique snapshots of your children in timeless pictures as treasured memories.

The lightness of a watercolour is often favoured by clients. I love painting in both oils or watercolours, but often feel that watercolours can often capture the spirit of the individual in a way that oils don’t. I think the medium particularly suits the young, and the ladies.

Watercolour portrait of Lila

Commissioning a Portrait

The process begins with a call or email from you. I will talk you through the process, and the options, the size and medium. Is it for a special occasion, and is there a time constraint? I would advise planning ahead as you will be in a queue!

On receiving the photo, and after you have given me your brief, I will confirm the final cost.

I always endeavour to be as approachable and helpful as possible throughout the whole process. As well as discussing the portrait in detail before commencing work, I always provide an opportunity for you to view a scan of your portrait when it’s nearing completion, so you can let me know if there’s anything you want me to change. My aim is for you to be completely satisfied with your finished portrait; this is reflected in my many returning customers.